Mobile App/Front-End Developer (iOS-initially)

May 12, 2023

We are looking for front end / mobile developers. We are building the version 1 of Metamind, hence the work will mostly be iOS-heavy. You would be writing our frontend interactions and for it, you will collaborate extensively with the Design efforts at Metamind.

For this position at Metamind, you must have an in-depth understanding about:

  • Client-Server Architecture

  • Mobile development Tech stack - React Native, iOS

  • Mobile development and build processes

We don't have an inclination towards any degrees and if anything we promote self-learning. We would love to see your pet projects and learn about your professional experiences. We especially value when an employee takes initiative into products and learn about your pet projects. We would love to have your perspective and ideas infused in what we are building a Metamind.

Our backend will mostly be written in Python. We will strive to incorporate your suggestions, and if possible, help you implement those ideas.


Remote Position (We're based in Bangalore)
Contract Engineer (We're building our Team V1. Chat with us)
Flexible to Time-zones as we are a writing heavy culture and would normally engage in call conversations as per your creative bouts.
We are open to both monetary and equity agreements. Mail us below:

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or, copy address:

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